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Diana Ross

Tue, 21st October  138
Diana Ross; Ad; Reblog; 1982; 1980s;

Diana and Sammy Davis Jr on the set of The Hollywood Palace, 1969

Tue, 21st October  5
Diana Ross; Sammy Davis Jr; The Hollywood Palace; tv; 1969; 1960s; i love her outfit;

Diana Ross, 1980

Tue, 21st October  14
Diana Ross; candid; 1980; 1980s;

Diana Ross, 1970s

Sat, 11th October  116
Diana Ross; photo shoot; 1970s;

Diana Ross, 1966

Fri, 26th September  52
Diana Ross; Photo shoot; My favorite pictures; 1966; 1960s;

Diana Ross backstage at The Apollo Theater by Bruce Davidson, 1965

(VIA Magnum Photos)

Fri, 22nd August  4557
Diana Ross; candid; Bruce Davidson; 1965; 1960s;

Diana Ross, 1967

Sun, 10th August  3407
Diana Ross; photo shoot; 1967; 1960s;

A stunning looking Diana with husband Arne Naess, 1986

Thu, 31st July  13
Diana Ross; Arne Naess; Event; Gorgeous; 1986; 1980s;


Tue, 29th July  127
Diana Ross; Photoset; Event; My favorite pictures; 1978; 1970s;
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